Business Analytic Service

 Want to use Data for business decisions? 

    And not sure where to start from? Or what KPIs will you need to analyze? No problem! You are at the right place. 

If you have problem statement & KPIs ready or not, data can help you every possible way to define ambiguous line in your business performance. 

    Hiring a full time data professional is a lot of work and expense unless we already have a data team set up. Hiring process alone takes lot of time, on top of that training and buying resources!

    It is not feasible for any small to mid size businesses to hire a data professional or a data team, especially if they have only question or two.

    On other hand, lot of freelancers like me are available for that small projects. You can have those projects done, with fraction of that expense & in timely manner. 

    Major freelancer sites charge 20-35% commissions from projects, hence freelancers charge higher rates to buyers.

    I have MMaster & over 24 freelance projects' experience in data science. I do not take more than two projects at a time & never compromise quality. I am in Hartford, CT. I can visit within 25 miles of Hartford, for in person consulting or data collection (if not on cloud).

    👉 Domain knowledge:

  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Marketing
  • Aerospace / aviation
  • Retail - ecommerce
  • Entertainment
  • Educational
  • Real estate

     👉 Some of the projects I have done:

  • Predictive analysis (Time series)
  • Product analysis (surveys, ratings and feedback: naïve Bayes )
  • Bottleneck evaluation (Process mapping: stochastic)
  • Pandemic effects on business (Sales predictions - ARIMA)
  • Sentiment analysis (NLP)
  • Data pipeline (pySpark)
  • Different kind of regressions & classifications
  • PCA & decision tree

    If you have any question or an analytic project in mind, please feel free to contact. Use contact form on right.

Thank you.

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